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Why a Nation needs a Strong Central Government!

India, a nation of some 1.3 billion people, home to around one sixth of the humanity, living in 29 states and 7 UTs with diverse religions and cultures, is like none other on earth. With its diversity, while on one hand there’s ‘Unity in Diversity’, on the other, there are issues which are socio-economic as well as political. Post-independence, our Constitution-makers intentionally and wisely provided for a strong Central Government for India, which they made even at the cost of the States. They were aware that the Britishers were able to rule our country for more than 150 years only due to lack of unity among its people at that time, which they fully exploited by their ‘divide & rule’policy.

If we look deep into it, we would find that the main reason for India being invaded and ruled by foreigners successively for long was only due to the absence of any single power-center which could hold the political unity of all the states of ‘Bharat’. From ancient ‘Bharatvarsh’ to medieval ‘Bharat’ and from medieval Bharat to modern ‘India’, the history is testimony, that whenever India lacked a strong and stable political center, the foreigners attacked our great nation to plunder its immense wealth and destroy its rich culture and heritage.

During the earlier times when India used to be called a ‘golden sparrow’, a number of foreign invaders like Greeks, Mughals, Portuguese and British got attracted towards its immense wealth and attacked, looted and plundered its wealth. If there were any political unity, these foreigners wouldn’t have been able to achieve their evil goals.

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