Your Vote Your Voice


  • Speak Up your Mind and Make your Voice Heard

Your vote is your voice in the government. You’ve your own views and understanding about the issues that concern you at local and domestic level, and also about India’s position globally.

  • Every single vote counts

In elections, numbers are important and decide who would rule. When you vote, you generally don’t vote alone, other eligible members of your family also vote. It even becomes sort of a community affair.

Children are the future of a nation. There are a number of issues concerning the children like early health, schooling and education policies for their overall development.

  • Voting can bring the change you want

If you look at it electorally, you’ll find that the smallest unit of our country is Ward. This Ward is your own small community, your surrounding, your immediate neighborhood. Each Ward is represented by an elected member.

  • To make the change effective – Vote

Your vote has tremendous power. It can bring to the power the leaders who would use the power to govern for the purpose of service and not for the self. If you choose not to vote, then you also choose to defer the development and the change you want till the next elections.

  • To make India Strong, Secure and Self-reliant – Vote

India as a nation has seen many sacrifices, both before as well as after the independence. Those who laid down their lives had no personal ambitions or aspirations except that they wanted India to be strong, secure and self-reliant.

  • To make the legislators perform their duty well – Vote

When the voting percentage is low, whosoever wins the election, knows that he/she does not represent the masses. This can give the elected member a feeling of being relaxed from the pressure of performance and the duty of deliverance, which might have been there if the voting were heavy.

  • This Elections, Do your Duty – GetOut2Vote

Our country is ‘developing’, yet many challenges remain to be a ‘developed’ one. Its pluralistic character in various terms – social, economic & cultural, makes it unique.

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