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GetOut2Vote project urges each one of you reading to join us in our humble endeavor to co-create a harmonious, responsible and satisfactory living amidst the diverse and pluralistic backgrounds that we THE INDIANS enjoy respectively.

Our vision


Stratagy & Roadmap

Step 1

Identify the target audience

The first step is to identify the target audience for the GOTV campaign.

Step 2

Develop messaging

Based on the target audience, develop messaging that will motivate them to vote. This messaging should focus.

Step 3

Create a plan for voter outreach

The next step is to create a plan for voter outreach. This may include phone banking

Step 4

Use technology

Technology can be a powerful tool for voter outreach. Use social media platforms, text messaging, and email

services we provide


GOTV outreach

Engaging with voters through phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, and online advertising to encourage them to vote. and help them overcome any barriers to doing so.


Voter transportation

Providing transportation to and from polling places, particularly for those who may not have access to a car or public transportation.


Voter assistance

Providing assistance at polling places, such as language translation services, help for people with disabilities, and guidance for first-time voters.


Voter protection

Ensuring that all eligible voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots by addressing issues such as voter suppression


Election monitoring

Monitoring the election process to ensure that it is conducted fairly and transparently, and addressing any irregularities or problems that arise.


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