About Us

India, the seventh largest country in the world and home to almost one-sixth of the total human population on this planet, is also the biggest democracy in the world. Diverse backgrounds, region based religions, multi-polar interests – our India is undoubtedly a nation like no other on earth. Be proud of it. If success is a journey, then we, as a nation, have come a long way, and the journey from here is not short either. No doubt, India’s ‘journey’ is of no offenses, yet strongly defensive when there’s a need, with definitive ways of protecting our most vital need and fundamental right – Freedom.

We, at getout2vote.in, have a sole aim in this effort, which is to ‘Get Out the Vote’, and that is ‘You’ – the Voter. We’re a group of people who love loving the nation as the self, love others as much as the self, and who aren’t spreading any pro-party specific agendas. It is very likely that you may never meet us in person, yet we meet in our inherent desire to protect self-interests from selfish interests.

Our endeavor may seem deceptively easy, but in fact the task is nearly impossible without the active collaboration of all the citizens for whom nation always comes first. We all must know and let others know and understand too, how necessary it is to lay aside our fanatic interests for the sake of the very fundamental and vital spirit of Freedom, for governance of self, and for a government representing Democracy. How can we do that? Of course, by accessing and using relevant and accurate information to sound decision making to make democracy strong, and India stronger.

We urge you in this sincere yet subtle act of Freedom -freedom to choose and choosing to be free, while simultaneously, respectfully allowing fellow citizens too to do the same.Let’s strengthen the nation by exercising our right to vote, and by ‘voting right’ because ‘voting right’ is also as important as ‘right to vote’.